AFITC 2021

Welcome to the MC² Event Online Store. This site has been created to improve the service that MC² provides to exhibitors. All the order forms and show information are located on the left side of this page.

If you would like to order MC² online services, click on the MC² Online Store button. You must have your booth number for the show in order to use this service. If you prefer not to order online, you can select any of the order forms on the left.

For MC² Services all of the order forms are interactive so you can save them to your desktop, combine them into one pdf, fill them out and send via email to

Under the Outside services tab you will find the forms for electrical, internet and lead retrieval.  These forms must be submitted to the vendor directly.

Exhibitor Show Information

MC² Deadline Date for Discount Rates Fri. Aug. 13, 2021
Last day for Advance Shipments Tue. Aug. 24, 2021
First day for Direct shipments Sat. Aug. 28, 2021
Exhibitor Installation Sat. Aug. 28, 2021 8:00am – 17:00pm
Sun. Aug. 29, 2021 8:00am – 17:00pm
Show Hours Mon. Aug. 30, 2021 10:30am – 16:30pm
Tue. Aug. 31, 2021 10:30am – 16:30pm
Wed. Sept. 1, 2021 9:00am – 14:00pm
Exhibitor Dismantle Wed. Sept. 1, 2021 14:00pm – 18:00pm
Thu. Sept. 2, 2021  8:00am – 12:00pm
Deadline for carrier check-in Thu. Sept. 2, 2021 11:00am